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What the World Asks of Us

What the world is asking us to do right now is extraordinary. At no other time in recent history have we been asked to adapt and adjust our daily lives to an entirely new set of rules.

And just when we got used to those rules: Stay at home, wear a mask, stay six-feet apart—now we are being asked to navigate a reopened world where the rules can change from state-to-state and even from day to day.

As we move forward through these changes we will be required to make informed decisions on a daily basis. How do you anticipate approaching these decisions? If there ever was a time when we could benefit from a universal code of ethics, it is now. Will you weigh the ethical implications broadly with a sense of empathy, or will you take a more narrow view?

“Do I really need to wear a mask for this? Is it worth the risk to get these roots covered? Should I just buy one package of toilet paper when there’s enough to take more?” are just some of our most pressing queries right now. Perhaps the most ethical and authentic way to respond to these questions is to consider what our answer would be if the collective world was actually asking them. In other words, would having to look humanity in the face make your decision any easier?

As women in our pre- to post-menopausal years, however, we may recognize and identify with our new normal in several ways: its arbitrary nature, its disruptive aspects, and its unnerving uncertainty. Sound familiar? During mid-life we are most certainly confronted with the arbitrary, the disruptive and the unnerving. So it would follow that we are uniquely prepared to know how to move forward during this time—with grace, and with the empathy acquired through the changes we faced.

While everyone is experiencing the paradigm of change; perhaps it will be women who will take the lead when it comes to answers. The world is asking some pretty challenging things of us right now. How will we respond? What would you include in your personal code of ethics?

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