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GloPillar: Strength

Resilience and character underlie true strength, which shines through the multiple dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.
While our experience of strength begins to shift at midlife, there are proven practices which can optimize our vitality and potency at any age.
Yoga with a View

GloForward : Strength

Grounding in Trust: Discover the Root Chakra

A balanced & strong Root Chakra keeps us grounded in the face of uncertainty. This foundation of personal & spiritual development is associated with our experience of trust vs. mistrust, based on how well our basic survival needs (food, shelter, love) were met in early childhood.

Turning Self-Knowledge into Power

As we transition into midlife, the question of who we are now arises. Many elements of our lives have changed, and answers from earlier in life may no longer feel relevant. Gaining self-knowledge can determine our ability to lead a vital and purposeful second act.

The Freedom to be Authentic

Great freedom is ours at midlife, when self-acceptance, inner confidence and wisdom give us the courage to live from our authentic selves rather than from outside expectations. Recognizing and owning who we are being are essential elements of the process.

The Root of Our Power

There is a vitality that some women seem to exude, no matter their age. The yogic practice of the Bandhas helps to keep us youthful by concentrating our life energy and strengthening our pelvic floor and core. This enhances our well-being, vitality, and enjoyment of life throughout our journey.

Evolving Through Our Natural Power Centers

The Chakras are both a map of sorts, charting a course for personal growth and evolution, and a time capsule, recording our histories, traumas, successes and patterns large and small. They are touchstones and access points for deep self-understanding and transformational work.

GloSeries: Foundational Yoga Videos

GloTools: Support for Practice

Setting Up For Practice
Getting the Right Mat

Getting the right mat and props to support you may feel challenging if new to the practice. We've taken the guesswork out of the process by vetting the following suggestions with our partner, Gaiam.


A good basic mat for midlife is the Premium 2-Color Yoga Mat, which provides 6mm of premium cushioning and a stable non-slip surface to protect you and your joints during practice. Each mat is reversible, so you can choose which color you want to practice on. Lightweight and durable, the mat is 6P and latex free, and comes with Gaiam's lifetime guarantee.

yoga mats.jpg

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Restorative Props

Prepare for our Restorative Yoga practice by including this Rectangular Bolster in your supportive tools. It enhances deep opening in yoga and doubles as a meditation support.


This bolster easily slides under your neck, knees, or bottom to relax your muscles and your mind, making it ideal for full back support and folding further into your stretches. 

bolster fitted.jpg

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Basic Props for Alignment

Our foundational yoga video, Head-to-Toe Benefits With Props, demonstrates how to use props to support alignment for long-term safety and stability in your yoga practice.

Three basic types of props are needed:

  1. Blocks (2):  these extend, support and deepen your stretches and perfect your alignment. Made of 100% foam, it’s soft enough to rest your head on yet firm enough to support you for any balance pose. It’s lightweight and portable. (9”L x 6”W x 4”H)

  2. Strap (1):  an 8-inch strap helps you get deeper into stretches and provides that extra length you need to get into any pose. 

  3. Blankets (2):  these are versatile yoga props, great for use rolled or folded as a bolster or as a blanket during Shavasana. Two blankets ensure balance for each side of the body in restorative poses and extend reach for tight lower backs and hips.

3 props.jpg

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Off the Mat Tools
Active Sitting

Have you tried our Sit Fix Practices video above? It helps to restore flexibility and relieve pain by balancing the core muscle groups impacted by our sedentary lifestyle. 


Bring your practice into everyday life with Active Sitting solutions by Gaiam to support your spine while sitting at your work space.

Active Sitting.jpg

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Free Resources

Mindful Alignment Post-it

You can practice mindful alignment anytime in daily life when you are standing, without having to add another item to your calendar. 


Make a commitment to practice 3 times a day – when doing your morning personal prep, when standing in line, when in the kitchen cooking or washing up.

Download this FREE diagram.  Post it on your bathroom mirror, computer stand, refrigerator or kitchen counter as a reminder.


Enjoy this step on your empowerment journey!

Are you aligned border.jpg
Setting Up for Practice
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