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GloPillar: Purpose

Purpose gives meaning to life, connects us to something larger than ourselves.
As we enter our second act, changing family and work priorities can leave us struggling with our sense of direction. 
The wisdom gained through life's experience empowers our leadership,  and shifts our focus to a longer view. 
Tree Planting

GloForward Feature: Purpose

Awakening to a Greater Good

What kind of a world would you like to create for your children to inherit? Now is a great time to have a real impact in areas that inspire you and call you to service. The need is great, so find a cause for a greater good - whether you choose everyday small acts of kindness or a larger community outreach.

Executing a Second Act Career Pivot

Career jitters at mid-life are nothing new for women. If this time of transition has you considering a career pivot, out of necessity or desire, realizing there is more that you can control about your job situation is the key to empowerment—and long-term employment.

Your Path To Heart-Driven Purpose

Changing priorities along life’s journey can require a purpose transition to a more meaningful, heart-driven path. Learn ways to manage your own second act and find inspiration through introspection and example. The key to purposeful living is already inside you.

The Purposeful Shift to Mentoring

Women transitioning out of old roles and into new ones, especially where it relates to the job/career aspect of life, can be especially difficult. Re-establishing a sense of purpose is essential, with one answer coming in the role of mentorship.

Finding Power in an Age of Ageism

While everyone knows that age is not supposed to factor into the employment process, for many it still does. Part 2 of our Career Pivots series addresses the reality of ageism in the workplace and explains the supportive role women’s networks can play in enhancing your career.

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