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Our hearts know what we love. We feel it intuitively when interacting with those dear to us. We resonate with certain activities and experiences.  It is an inner knowing, one that does not arise from the thinking brain.

When we lose sight of what we love - through distraction, challenge or shifting priorities - sometimes it can feel lost. Finding it again can feel like a struggle.

It doesn't have to be that way. We simply need to get quiet again, and reconnect with our hearts. They will lead the way.

Let's talk about some of the tools that enable you to access that inner knowing. Like your heart, they are based in love and on the wisdom of experience and compassion.

I look forward to connecting with you!
Satya Robin

Robin Patino is a RYT-500 certified yoga educator, behavioral researcher/storyteller and former business executive. She has been teaching yoga and creating therapeutic programs since 2009 to help women access their innate wisdom and power by working with the body and its systems in a restorative way.  Her own personal story of dramatic healing and purpose transition was published in 2012, and informs her work as a transformational guide and mindfulness facilitator for personal and leadership development.

See Satya Robin's full bio here.

Satya Robin Patino
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