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Enhance Your Look with Clean Beauty

Lisa J. Gotto

December 11, 2020

Clean beauty starts with healthy skin and smart choices for a natural look that enhances who you are at midlife and beyond. Empower your look with these ease-of-application tips from a pro esthetician and makeup artist.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Lisa J. Gotto

November 20, 2020

Your skin’s needs change significantly at midlife due to hormonal shifts. Creating an updated skincare routine is essential for proper nourishment. These simple, natural remedies and practices can help empower you through the change, beautifully.

The Gutsy, Great Truth About Going Gray!

Lisa J. Gotto

October 2, 2020

Deciding when to go gray is one of the biggest choices a woman faces at midlife. From saving money to addressing self-image issues, embracing the natural beauty in going gray has valuable benefits and can be authentically empowering.

A Nutritious Plan for a Healthier Menopause

Lisa J. Gotto

August 21, 2020

Throughout our lives, nutrition is one important key to health. There are things you can be doing right now to empower your way through this important life transition. Learn how nutrition, self-care and being your own healthcare advocate can help you plan for a happier, healthier menopause.

Owning Our Beauty at Midlife

Lisa J. Gotto

July 31, 2020

There’s nothing shameful about menopause. It’s a natural process that all women experience. So why has it seeped into our collective consciousness with a narrative that disempowers us? Raising awareness of the subtle ways it influences our self-image enables us to shift it and embrace our wisdom with power, grace and authenticity.

The Research & Realilty of Facial Fitness

Lisa J. Gotto

July 3, 2020

One of the most widely talked about anti-aging practices in terms of efficacy is the practice of facial fitness. While the quick fix nature of Botox injections and even more invasive cosmetic procedures is tempting for many women at midlife, there’s a growing number of women looking for other options.


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