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GloPillar: Strength

Resilience and character underlie true strength, which shines through the multiple dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.
While our experience of strength begins to shift at midlife, there are proven practices which can optimize our vitality and potency at any age.
Yoga with a View

GloForward : Strength

Grounding in Trust: Discover the Root Chakra

A balanced & strong Root Chakra keeps us grounded in the face of uncertainty. This foundation of personal & spiritual development is associated with our experience of trust vs. mistrust, based on how well our basic survival needs (food, shelter, love) were met in early childhood.

Turning Self-Knowledge into Power

As we transition into midlife, the question of who we are now arises. Many elements of our lives have changed, and answers from earlier in life may no longer feel relevant. Gaining self-knowledge can determine our ability to lead a vital and purposeful second act.

The Freedom to be Authentic

Great freedom is ours at midlife, when self-acceptance, inner confidence and wisdom give us the courage to live from our authentic selves rather than from outside expectations. Recognizing and owning who we are being are essential elements of the process.

The Root of Our Power

There is a vitality that some women seem to exude, no matter their age. The yogic practice of the Bandhas helps to keep us youthful by concentrating our life energy and strengthening our pelvic floor and core. This enhances our well-being, vitality, and enjoyment of life throughout our journey.

Evolving Through Our Natural Power Centers

The Chakras are both a map of sorts, charting a course for personal growth and evolution, and a time capsule, recording our histories, traumas, successes and patterns large and small. They are touchstones and access points for deep self-understanding and transformational work.

GloSeries: Foundational Yoga Videos