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Welcome to GloForward

Updated: May 9, 2020

We began developing GloForward as a community resource to help women own their power through the natural changes that occur at midlife.

Though every woman shares this transition, it often takes place behind closed doors, concealed from the public. Without a blip on the surface, most women face this change while contributing with the same force and tenacity at work. Meanwhile, their internal systems are being rebooted, from body chemistry to self-perception to a full range of physical symptoms.

When the coronavirus crisis came upon us, it became clear that women’s ability to cope gracefully with these internal changes also applied to the massive shifts we are seeing externally.

Women’s empathy, tenacity and strength are essential to the kind of leadership needed to guide our communities and our world through the monumental changes ahead. We see examples all around us – most visibly in the women crisis leaders who are decisively bringing their countries through this process in the most capable ways.

We also see this strength in the women who are leading their families and communities – guiding those struggling with this perplexing new world. The mothers who have taken on the responsibility for their children’s education, sometimes in addition to a full-time job. The caretakers in retirement and nursing homes, who ensure that our elders are comfortable, safe and at ease. The women doctors and nurses who are caring for our sick and are making enormous sacrifices so that their families remain safe. These are only a few of countless examples.

These are living examples of GloForward women. We salute them. They are owning change with beauty, grace, strength and purpose – regardless of the massive shifts taking place within and without.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more resources on our website to support each other in adapting to the new normal. In the meantime, we hope you will join the discussion! Be Well! Satya Robin & Lisa, Co-Founders

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