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Facial Fitness vs. the Wattle

There comes a moment in life that most women face at midlife. A photograph, a different angle in the mirror, a sobering realization. Is that my face? What’s happened to my neck? Who is that old lady in the mirror?

I have been blessed by genetics and through the practice of yoga with a prolonged youthful appearance. Through most of my forties, I looked like I was still in my thirties. People, particularly younger men, would ask with a perplexed tone in their voice – how old are you?

Then the day came they no longer asked. I started getting boatloads of “Ma’ams,” and comparisons with their moms.

The most difficult area for me is my neck. Remember the lawyer in Ally McBeal who was obsessed with the “neck wattle” of Dyan Cannon’s judge character? I fear I am developing the wattle, and no one will find it so attractive. I certainly don’t.

So when a friend mentioned her experience with Facial Fitness, I was intrigued. The practice – exercising facial muscles to keep them toned, tight and youthful – seemed right in sync with my own holistic life philosophy. Regular empowerment, mindfulness and yoga practices enable me to remain resilient, centered and flexible in mind, body and spirit.

Nearly fifteen years ago, when told I required an immediate hip replacement due to degenerative arthritis, I chose instead a holistic approach rather than invasive surgery. Physical therapy led to a daily yoga practice, which led to a total transformation of my life. My journey is detailed in my first book.

I began that yoga journey with a book – Cyndi Lee’s guide to a home practice. In addition to stopping the deterioration of my hip joint and significantly lessening my chronic pain, it led to a release of emotional baggage and clearer life decisions. Ultimately, yoga and other holistic practices transformed my appearance, shapeshifting from me a size 14 to a size 6.

I’m early in the process of Facial Fitness, using Patricia Goroway’s comprehensive and easy to use book. Results have been quick, showing first in a smoother forehead.

Like when I began with yoga, I hear similar self-talk when doing these exercises: Am I doing this right? Will this work? Where are the results? I’m grateful for the gifts of my yoga practice, which have taught me to trust the process and the experience of myself and many others.

Feeling the muscles in my face work is a new sensation – real and undeniable. It adds to my confidence that the wattle will soon be transformed into a fit and toned neck, much as my arthritis was tamed by yoga into a fit and toned body.

It is in my own power to make a difference in how I look, feel and view myself.

Check out our feature on Facial Fitness to get more information on your options.

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