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Clearing Your Head

“I’m going for a walk to clear my head.” How often have you said or heard that expression? And frequently on the walk, just the opposite happens. The mind continues churning on the very worries or concerns, or plans or memories, that prompted the change of scenery.

Good in theory, but in reality the scenery hasn’t changed much despite your different location. The clutter you sought to escape follows you. The new landscape passes by, without even seeing it.

Intuitively we know that clearing the head will ease us, allow access to more clarity. Yet the very notion of doing it intentionally brings on the well-worn narrative: “I can’t possibly quiet my mind.” The chaos of the world today can make it seem even more impossible.

Present-day circumstances make this the perfect moment to shift that narrative to a more empowering one. While the purpose of the mind is to create thoughts, there is a deeper intelligence within that allows us to actively choose where we will place our attention. Mothers and caregivers know this choice well, when faced with a child who needs immediate attention. All else is put aside to focus on their loved one.

While it may seem an intuitive process to refocus attention on a needy other, it also proves that the skills are already present to shift focus when it relates to your own needs, as well.