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Allowing Grace to Lead

Certain women seem to move through the world with an abundance of grace. They appear unflappable, unwavering and real, and yet they would probably be the first to tell you how they struggle. Their stories are the ones we can relate to the most.

When Lisa and I created GloForward, we were excited about the opportunity to honor these women of grace.

Too frequently the news headlines and popular entertainment are full of stories about humans behaving badly. They focus on the lowest forms of behavior, and we can begin to normalize it through sheer exposure. That normalization disempowers us by promoting division and a victim mentality.

Leading through positive example, on the other hand, empowers women by connecting them with their hearts and their community to be their highest selves.

Grace has a way of prompting action when the time and the choice are right. The process of launching our first Woman of Grace profile has given us an opportunity to remember and celebrate all of the inspirational women in our lives. And during one of our masked afternoons together, Lisa and I chose to honor a woman who has impacted both of our lives personally, as well as our hometown – Silver Kim. Her shining example is in this month’s Woman of Grace feature.