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GloPillar: Grace

Grace is a state of being that flows from authenticity and integrity with a code of ethics.
The wisdom gained on our journey to midlife guides our decisions and actions. When challenged, we grow and adapt, choosing to respond rather than to react.
Our hearts lead the way.

GloForward Features: Grace

Goddesses As Guides: Connect to Inner Vitality

Pure as the lotus blossom emerging from the depths, Lakshmi is the grace of self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance no matter what age you are. She represents fullness, lush with vitality and radiance. She helps you recognize your own divinity and offers a deeper connection to that which matters most in life.

Hormonal Harmony: Keeping Intimacy Alive

What can a couple do to keep their relationship vital and thriving throughout life? This is the time for the quality to shine. While physical changes have consequences, open communication & exploration can ensure that sexuality after menopause is a very fulfilling and fun bonding experience.

Woman of Grace: Silver Kim

Silver Kim, our first GloForward Woman of Grace, embodies the yogic quality of aparigraha – to take only what one needs and let go of the unnecessary. Through her example, she inspires others to also live life as a graceful dance of simplicity.

Goddesses As Guides: Flowing In New Directions

Remember the adage, “you can’t fool Mother Nature?” That’s Saraswati, next in our Goddess series. She is Nature, the Goddess of flow, sequence and sacred order. She supports us in creating something new by flowing with the current of change and learning to swim with grace and joy.

Hormonal Harmony: A Solution to Midlife Exhaustion

Do you sometimes feel like your body is letting you down? The choices you make now determine whether you navigate the change with grace or with exhaustion. Learn more about harmonizing your hormones and your choices for a smoother and more energized experience.

LKM: The Benefits & Science

Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM) offers a soothing balm to the anxious, depressed, angry or fatigued soul. When circumstances outside spiral out of control, it can provide the fastest way to feel better on the inside. Even a few minutes practicing LKM creates a shift. And that shift is marked.

Goddesses as Guides: Facing Midlife’s Storms

Goddess lore provides role models with roadmaps to help navigate this transitional period of midlife with gusto and grace. We begin this series with Kali, who reminds us that in order for newness to arise in life, something needs to die away. She shows us that the only way out is through.

Woman of Grace: Tracy Quisenberry

For Tracy Quisenberry starting the non-profit Icing Smiles was a calling. Her journey to provide families of chronically ill children with elaborate dream cakes has many layers. See how love, loss, and an empathy for others created a nation of Sugar Angels and a woman of unwavering grace.

GloSeries: Guided Meditation Videos

GloTools: Support for Practice

Meditation Support

Use this Rectangular Bolster from Gaiam to support you during your meditation or yoga practice.


This bolster easily slides under your neck, knees, or bottom to relax your muscles and your mind, making it ideal for full back support and folding further into your stretches. 

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Women of grace inspire us. 

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