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Code of Conduct

The GloForward Forum is a safe place for women to come together and find common ground. Our focus is on what unites us. That is where our strength lies. 

This is a sacred space for women to express themselves. There is room for differing perspectives in a constructive conversation about finding a positive way forward for us all. An us-against-them mentality will not be tolerated. 

In order to create a safe container for everyone’s authentic expression, we are asking all participants to commit and adhere to these ground rules:

  • We offer each other unconditional positive regard, understanding that each participant is speaking authentically from their heart. We believe that people are essentially good and are doing the best they can in each moment.

  • This is a politics-free environment. We are all part of the same community of human beings.

  • We seek common ground among different perspectives, and do not judge, condemn, or label.

  • We own our own feelings. We choose how to respond to what arises within when confronted with challenging emotions or situations. We do not give away our power by projecting blame onto someone/thing outside ourselves.

  • We choose to be powerful by being FOR a code of ethics instead of fighting AGAINST some perceived wrongdoing. Positive and constructive comments are encouraged. Grievances and negativity are not welcome. 

  • We agree to keep our questions and sharing focused on the topics being discussed.

  • We will not post advertising or spam.

The forum facilitators reserve the right to remove posts that do not follow these guidelines.

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