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About GloForward

At GloForward, we are dedicated to helping women own the change at midlife.  We choose, like the wise women of earlier ages, to celebrate and share this transition as a rite of passage into our next powerful stage of life.

Change. It’s inevitable. Empowered, ethical, and authentic women grow through change; it’s in our DNA. We believe that attitude is all and we have made the conscious decision to approach mid-life and beyond as a sacred space worth owning.


As women, we understand that community provides a sacred space to be authentic. And that together we are stronger. Especially when challenged with periods of change.

These days, change goes way beyond what is happening to us individually. The same strengths that see us through personal change also empower us to proactively guide our communities through periods of transition.

Within this space we seek a community of open-hearted and -minded women to grow and “glow” forward with us—to walk with us, talk with us, and to learn with us—as we address the changes within us and around us as part of the greater global community in which we live.


Join us!

Our Story

Where would we be without our girlfriends?

Our story stretches from 3rd and 4th grade in Catholic school uniforms all the way to today in our yoga pants.  Over the course of our lives, we’ve been a touch point for each other during our most celebratory and our most challenging transitions.

Robin:  Lisa came into my life, as many good things have, through my sister. When a move to Pennsylvania pulled me from the safety of my apple tree and the life I had known as a child, Lisa’s toothy smile at my sister’s slumber party was the first face of friendship in a new place.  Our journey together took us through anxiety and depression, difficult losses, personal triumphs and the publication of my first book. Though our paths have frequently diverged as adults, we always reconnect to support each other in key moments of transition. 

Lisa: I hadn’t seen Robin since high school, the day she knocked on my parent’s door. I was 20 then and hadn’t been out of the house for nearly a year. Suffering from debilitating anxiety - that I didn’t know were panic attacks - I was pretty much sheltering in place as a means of coping. Robin learned of my struggle through a mutual friend, and came to help by sharing her own experiences with anxiety. She was so supportive, and in being so, I also helped her. That visit introduced us both to our life’s potential on so many levels. For this experience, we are both so grateful. 

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Satya Robin Patino

Researcher, Storyteller, Facilitator for Ethics & Mindful Leadership
Living proof and advocate of the healing power of yoga.

Lisa Gotto

Lifestyle Journalist, Creative Writer, Content Editor for Healthy Living

Devoted lifelong learner and caretaker of loved ones.

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