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Meet Satya Robin

Researcher, Storyteller, Facilitator for Ethics & Mindful Leadership
Living proof and advocate of the healing power of yoga.

Satya is the name I chose for myself at midlife, upon completion of an important yoga certification in psycho-spiritual development. The name felt beautiful to me, and its meaning resonates with a grounding principle of my life.

As one of the core practices of yoga ethics, Satya guides us to think, speak and act with integrity. It represents the power of the word when used for the greater good.

Lessons in integrity have knocked me on the head at key turning points in my life and career. Growing up as a middle child, I was obsessed with fairness. A fascination with motivation and human behavior guided my early career as a research and communications strategist in the political worlds of Washington DC and Los Angeles. When a dream job after graduate school brought me to California, a major lesson arose to challenge me. I chose to leave my position as head of global research for Hollywood’s most powerful lobbyist following the Columbine school shooting, after being asked to contribute to a deposition disavowing the impact of movies on violent behavior.

Moving to New York City in the aftermath of September 11th, I funneled my passion for behavioral research into branding for a global corporation. I also dove into the world of personal transformation, Buddhism and Yoga to better understand the destructive behavioral patterns that led to my own stress-related illnesses and an extra 30 pounds.

Through these practices, I found the courage to leave a life that no longer fit me. In 2009, I closed the door on my Manhattan home and a 20-year business career, to embark on a 2 year journey of healing and self-discovery. My adventures took me to Costa Rica to live and train as a yoga teacher and through Spain, where I walked a 500-mile pilgrimage on a hip saved from replacement surgery through my daily yoga practice. My Hero’s Journey is described in my first book, Do You Think You Will Break?

Over the past 10 years, I have dedicated myself to projects that promote transformation and growth through personal ethics and mindfulness. These include immersive personal development retreats, programming for an addiction recovery center, executive leadership education, research on relationship-based power, strategy for a transformational technology startup and scriptwriting for Microsoft’s hugely popular ethics program.

The practice of Satya remains an integral component of all that I do. A wise saying states that teachers teach what they most need to learn. And that those who are most effective are leading from their heart and their experience.

As we come together in this new community, I’m very excited to connect and learn from each of you and your own life experiences.  And I’m grateful for the opportunity to share from my heart what life has taught me.

Let’s GloForward together and build a brighter future for those we love!

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