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Meet Lisa

Lifestyle Journalist, Creative Writer, Content Editor for Healthy Living
Devoted lifelong learner and caretaker of loved ones.

Words matter. I feel fortunate that I understood this concept at a very young age. 

As a child I used words to navigate life—initially on the playground to make friends. Tiny for my age, I learned that words, especially combined with my precocious sense of humor, could bestow me with the power that I otherwise thought I lacked. Making my friends laugh brought me joy and helped me feel more connected.  As I grew older, I found that words could be used to make people happy—or sad. I learned to be brave with words, kind with my words, and to be authentic in what I had to say.

Words became my great joy and my common denominator. They would become my superpower; my voice, my gift. 

That said, it’s no surprise that words became my calling card professionally. Words crafted to persuade, to inform, and even to entertain are how I earned a living as I navigated the worlds of advertising, marketing, news, and editing. I eventually parlayed all my skills into my dream job, the editor of a highly successful East Coast-based magazine dedicated to all things stylish. I spent well over a decade in that role, learning much about the publishing world—and myself. 

I consider balancing that faced-paced, deadline-oriented world with my role of being a mother—and later caring for my aging parents—as my life’s greatest achievement to date. I say “to-date” because even with the full plate I had, I felt something was missing. This feeling became especially palpable once my son had moved out to start his own life. I felt I had so many stories yet to tell, but wanted to tell them in new ways, so I starting looking for other opportunities. I found it so true that once you open yourself up to the universe and its possibilities, amazing things can happen. 

My journey moved me from the community I lived in all my life to explore new prospects just outside of the metro DC area. I was 52 and I’m sure I had a friend or two who felt I was foolish to leave a solid full-time job for many great unknowns. And while I am still navigating my many uncertainties, this challenge and this time in my life has provided many authentic experiences and intangible rewards. 

As a creative freelancer, I contribute in various writing and editing roles and use my gift to give back—something that was always very important for me to accomplish in life. I relish the part I now play in communications for a national child-based non-profit agency. Most importantly I am continuing to grow and to learn.

It is this continuing desire to grow and to learn that has brought me here. Many things have changed for me recently—have changed for all of us. How are you handling it? We would love to know, to hear your stories, to help find answers to your questions about what should—and can be—an amazing time in our lives!

I hope this platform helps us to GloForward together—that it informs, instructs, and inspires you; that it encourages you to get involved, that it supports you when you need it to, and that it—like words well chosen—helps provide a path to what matters most for you.   Let’s Glo!